Best Things to do in Vigan


On the west coast of the island of Luzon, the Philippines has a city called Vigan. It is renowned for its well-preserved Asian and Spanish colonial architecture. With its malecón, horse-drawn carriages, cobblestone streets, and rustic houses, Calle Crisologo dominates the Mestizo neighborhood. Plaza Salcedo, which features nighttime fountain displays, and Plaza Burgos, which is well-known for its food carts, are both close to the white baroque Vigan Cathedral. There are cheap flights available if you wanted to travel to Vigan.

calle crisologo
Calle Crisologo

The most well-known tourist destination in Vigan is Calle Crisologo, which is the centerpiece of any visit of the city. This maintained street has cobblestone gardens and pavements, and it is bordered on both sides by ancestors’ homes that evoke old Spanish cities.

Bantay Church Bell Tower

Only the Bantay Church Bell Tower can provide you with the greatest view of Vigan. Northeast of Vigan, on a hilltop with a view of the Bantay neighborhood, is where the belfry is located. To reach the top of the brick building, you must ascend a spiral staircase. There, you will see a huge bell hanging in the center of the tower.

During the Spanish era and World War II, the watchtower provided the inhabitants of Ilocos with a good vantage point from which to see approaching enemies. People still pay tribute to the tower today by taking photos at the base of the hill where they pose as though they are holding it close to their hearts or forming the shape of a heart.

Pagburnayan Jar Factory

One benefit of visiting Vigan is that you can discover a lot about the town’s history, culture, and way of life by visiting its locally owned businesses.

One of the few remaining jar industries in the Vigan area is the Pagburnayan Jar Factory. It’s a well-liked cultural experience that everyone should attempt and is included on a tour of Vigan City.

Plaza Burgos

This Plaza Burgos square, which bears Padre Jose Burgos’ name, is conveniently close to Plaza Salcedo. Its statue serves as a poignant reminder of the priest’s sacrifice in opposition to the Spanish government. After a lengthy walk around the region, you can rest your weary legs here while taking photos, people-watching, or both.

The most popular empanada, a type of pastry turnover stuffed with minced meat, veggies, and egg, is one of the Ilocos region’s specialty foods on this side of the city. If you’re hungry, you can take a quick mouthful of it. Since it may get quite hot in this open area, it’s better to visit in the late afternoon or right before the sun sets.

Baluarte Zoo

The Baluarte Resort and Mini Zoo is a large 100 acre property of rolling hills and plains not far from Vigan City’s downtown. The zoological park is owned by local politician Chavit Singson, who utilized it to spread awareness of his passion for safaris. 

You may take pictures with the more domesticated animals, like birds and ponies, and admission is free. The make-believe life-size dinosaurs in Baluarte’s interpretation of Jurassic Park can make for a humorous backdrop for your photo shoots. You may try a number of different things at Baluarte Zoo.

Of course, it’s better if you avoid the Baluarte’s wild animals, such as snakes, crocodiles, lions, and tigers, and limit yourself to the daily presentations instead.

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