JAPAN : What you need to know before you go


Japan, often known as the Land of the Rising Sun, is a country where global innovation coexists with traditional customs. The country, which consists of 4 major islands in East Asia, has a variety of seasons and sceneries. Snowy mountains dominate the northern end, while Nagano lakes, Kyoto temples, and the energetic capital of Tokyo are located to the south. You can take one of the world’s fastest bullet trains from the southernmost subtropical beaches to the northernmost mountain ranges thanks to a robust rail system.

Instead of just reading about Japan’s well-preserved culture in a history book, you may really experience it through activities like sumo battles, kabuki performances, woodblock printing, and tea ceremonies. Japan is a vibrant, profound, and beautiful country, whether you’re planning an opulent shopping trip to Tokyo or just want to spend the day exploring Shinto shrines in Kyoto.

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Top Destinations in Japan


What to see & do in Kyoto

https://youtu.be/r7Phb6r9-bo The best spot to see and experience “true” traditional Japan is in Kyoto. The numerous ancient wooden shops, stores, teahouses, and private homes from

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Best Places to visit in Osaka

https://youtu.be/_NjOhfOZC04 Osaka, the third-largest city in Japan, is distinguished by its love of fine cuisine and exciting entertainment. The 16th-century commercial city developed into an

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