What you need to know before you go to Greece


The fascinating prehistoric cultures of Greece, which include the democratic Athenians and the fierce Spartans, are well known. The ancient sites of Rhodes, Knossos, Thessaloniki, and, of course, the Acropolis in Athens, which is situated at the birthplace of civilization, are the most well-known attractions. The natural beauty of Greece and its various islands is breathtaking. Must-see locations include the Meteora near Kalambaka, Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos, and the sunsets in Santorini.

But don’t be misled into thinking that Greece is just a big museum. The picturesque island of Corfu, party islands like Mykonos and Ios, peaceful retreats like Paxos, and family-friendly locations like Naxos, Skiathos, and many others are among its well-liked vacation sites. Greece offers a dizzying array of tourist destinations, including more than 200 inhabited islands (in addition to the mainland), but we’ll help you whittle it down and identify the best one for you.

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What to do and see in Greece


Best sites to explore in Crete

https://youtu.be/XEa0bYDnta0 Greece’s largest island, Crete, is situated in the southern Aegean Sea. It is renowned for its natural attractions, which include rocky mountains, vibrant wildflowers,

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