Best Areas to Stay in Milan

isola District

Some of the biggest fashion firms in Italy have their headquarters in Milan, one of the country’s most fashionable cities. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest retail center in the world, is one of the greatest places in the city center to locate them all together. But Milan isn’t only about fashion. There are a cheap flights available for Milan and affordable hotels.

It is one of the great Italian cities where rich history, art, and culture can be found through impressive landmarks. Among these are the magnificent Duomo and its impressive array of basilicas. You’ll have many good reasons to add a trip to Milan to your bucket list once you factor in the city’s culinary traditions.

Centro Storico
Centro Storico

Rome, The Eternal City, offers a magnificent cityscape of historic buildings and architecture unlike anyplace else in the world. The Centro Storico is the spot to visit some of the city’s top attractions, making it the ideal location for fans of all things Roman history.

The Centro Storico is a location to walk about and take in some of Rome’s most stunning monuments, from the massive Pantheon to the elaborate design of the Piazza Navona and the absolutely gorgeous Trevi Fountain.

The Brera neighborhood
The Brera neighborhood

Milan’s artistic neighborhood, Brera, is where history, culture, and architecture harmoniously converge. Every year, a large number of travelers arrive from all over the world attracted by the Milanese district’s ageless allure.

Since the nineteenth century, artists who attended the Academy of Fine Arts have made Brera, whose name comes from the term “braida” or expanse of uncultivated land, their home. It is this factor that specifically helped to create a Paris-like atmosphere in the Milan neighborhood, where it is possible to encounter painters, students, and skilled players.

Piazza della Repubblica and the main Milano Centrale train station
Piazza della Repubblica and the main Milano Centrale train station

Milano Centrale, also known as Stazione Milano Centrale, is the principal train station for the Italian city of Milan and the biggest in terms of square footage in all of Europe. At the northernmost point of the city of Milan, the station serves as a terminus. It was formally opened in 1931 to replace the former central station, which was constructed in 1864 as a transit hub but had insufficient room and tracks to manage the increasing traffic brought on by the construction of the Simplon Tunnel in 1906.

The Isola area

Isola is unquestionably the city’s most dynamic, forward-thinking, and alternative neighborhood. It used to be a suburban region in Milan’s north but has since undergone development and improvement. The old Art Nouveau or rationalist-style buildings, the public housing, and the street art on the walls and store shutters all blended in well with the modern revival. The historic Santa Maria alla Fontana Sanctuary, built in 1550, is a must-see. Its underground area contains a healing spring, and nearby is the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, where bells were made and bronze statues like Vittorio Emanuele II’s in Piazza Duomo were cast.

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