Best Hiking Trails near San Francisco


There are many fantastic things to do in San Francisco, a city with a thriving cultural scene. The Northern Californian city is sure to have something for everyone, whether it’s visiting a club in the boisterous Mission District, browsing vinyl in the hippy Haight-post-Beat Ashbury’s wonderland, or simply unwinding by the sea at the peaceful Ocean Beach. After dusk, a variety of traditional and contemporary things to do at night give you a new perspective on the city.

There are several attractions that first-time tourists eager to experience famous landmarks can cross off their bucket list. In San Francisco, one day can be spent jogging across the Golden Gate Bridge, riding a trolley to Fisherman’s Wharf, touring Al Capone’s prison, and exploring the vibrant lanes of Chinatown. San Francisco will always be a desirable destination for vacations due to its transformation from a hippie haven in the 1970s to the multicultural and LGBT-friendly city it is today.

San Francisco is one of the best city you can go. Cheap flights and budget friendly accommodation are available.

Presidio of San Francisco

A significant center for outdoor recreation is The Presidio, a 1,500-acre park on a former military installation. It contains a golf course, kilometers of hiking trails, and forested regions. Other highlights include the Civil War-era Fort Point, the green Crissy Field with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the sandy Baker Beach. The Walt Disney Family Museum, restaurants, residences, and companies like Lucasfilm, with its Yoda Fountain, are all housed in historic buildings.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, so named after two summits that rise to a height of 922-feet, is a far-flung residential area with contemporary residences that are crammed closely together on narrow lots. A popular attraction is a grassy 64-acre hilltop park with hiking trails leading to wind-swept summits and 360-degree vistas of the Bay Area. A recognizable feature of the skyline is the Sutro Tower antenna, which has three prongs and towers over the neighborhood.

Redwood Creek Trail

The Redwood Creek Path, which is conveniently located off Highway 101, is the second-most popular trail in Redwood National Park, right behind the Lady Bird Johnson Trail. Although the first few miles of the path pass through unlogged forest, the redwoods don’t actually grow along the creek where the trail is located, in spite of the trail’s name.

The first mile and a half of the trail, up to the first creek crossing, is the most beautiful and well-traveled section. The trail continues to be beautiful but becomes somewhat repetitive from this point on, and backpackers are the main visitors. The hiker will find the trail to be very tranquil and quiet. The creek is normally hidden, but you can hear it the entire journey.

Lands End Trail

The stunning Lands End Trail in the Sutro District of Golden Gate National Recreation Area is unquestionably one of the best sites in San Francisco for a hike. There are miles of paths in the region that offer wonderful examples of coastal terrain and allow you to see the Golden Gate Bridge from a variety of perspectives. Continue reading for more details if you want to learn more about this place.

Tennessee Valley trail. Photo by Alison Taggart-Barone/NPS
Tennessee Valley Trail

An incredible extension of the Marin Headlands is Tennessee Valley, which has family-friendly hiking routes. The 1.7-mile Tennessee Beach distance on the generally level Tennessee Valley Trail, which starts at the parking lot. There are also other trails leading into the hills above Tennessee Valley for hikers who are feeling more daring.

The valley’s vegetation is lush, green, and/or in bloom in the spring. Lupine, checker-bloom, blue-eyed grass, California buttercup, and California poppies will all blossom in the valley, bringing it to life. The grasses turn golden in the summer, and by late summer, fennel, lizardtail, sagebrush, sticky monkey flower, and blackberry bushes are in full bloom. Rains convert the golden grasses back into green fields throughout the winter and early spring.

Mori Point, Pacifica

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area includes the 110-acre Mori Point Park in Pacifica, California. The actual Mori Point is a bluff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers picturesque views of the peninsula’s coastline. There are a few tiny ponds and wetlands at Mori Point in addition to the bluff and ridge.

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