Best Things to do in Hiroshima


There are two World Heritage Sites in Hiroshima: the Atomic Bomb Dome, where people come from all over the world to pray for peace, and Itsukushima, known for the enigmatic Itsukushima Shrine situated in the Seto Inland Sea. These two locations are connected by pathways, allowing you to see both in a single day. Cheap flights and budget hotels are available in Hiroshima.

Tourist hotspots in the city center include Hiroshima Castle, which Terumoto Mori constructed during the Warring States era, and Shukkeien, the lovely garden of the previous Lord of Hiroshima’s home.

Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle (Hiroshimajo), lovingly nicknamed Rijo, was built by Terumoto Mori, one of Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s vassals during the Warring States period. Thanks to its excellent location in the city centre and within walking distance from the Atomic Bomb Dome, this is a must for all visitors to Hiroshima.

To take time to really appreciate the beauty of this castle, go for a boat tour in the moat. On a sunny day, you can see the magnificent castle tower reflected in the water. The inside of the castle tower is now a museum that displays materials used in the castle.

Peace Memorial Park

The expansive Peace Memorial Park, situated in the heart of Hiroshima City, was created as a memorial to the atomic bomb victims and as a place of prayer for enduring world peace. Visitors from all across the world who are praying for peace frequently come here. The park contains the Atomic Bomb Dome, a World Heritage Site, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, as well as different memorials like the Children’s Peace Monument and the Hiroshima Peace Bell. On the sixth of August each year, events like the Peace Memorial Ceremony and lantern floating take place.


Miyajima Island, also known as Itsukeushima, is renowned as an island of gods and welcomes travelers from all over the world year-round. There are various sights to view on Itsukushima, including a retail center on the approach to Itsukushima Shrine where you can find unique souvenirs connected to Miyajima. Itsukushima Shrine is a World Heritage Site that stands in the sea.

If you go, spend some time exploring Mount Misen, which has profound spiritual significance. Take the Miyajima Ropeway to the observatory at Shishiiwa for breathtaking views of the tranquil Seto Inland Sea.


The inhabitants of Hiroshima have known Mitaki-dera (Mitaki Temple), which is situated in the northern section of the city, for a very long time and as Mitaki Kannon. It is renowned for its fall foliage as well. The wooden-seated Amida Nyorai Statue, a Nationally Important Cultural Property, is housed in a pagoda (Tahoto) dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb.

The temple’s grounds are surrounded by a thick forest. The ambience of Mitaki, which literally translates to “3 waterfalls,” is solemn thanks to the sound of three falling waterfalls. It’s lovely in the fall, but it’s also a great walking route to get some relief from the hot heat.

Orizuru Tower

Hiroshima’s Orizuru Tower, which is a landmark that looks out over the Peace Memorial Park, is situated immediately close to the Atomic Bomb Dome. From the rooftop observatory, you can see Hiroshima’s central business district, the Atomic Bomb Dome, and Hiroshima Castle.

Orizuru Tower provides breathtaking nighttime views of Hiroshima after sunset. It’s a well-liked location with a vibe that’s great for both romantic getaways and enjoyable family vacations.

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