Most people know Canada for its wild and vast landscape. There are many wilderness regions to explore in the second-largest country in the world by landmass, which only has a handful of major cities. Expect stunning vistas of pristine lakes, lush valleys, and rocky mountains. Take a few moments to relax and just breathe in the fresh, clean air. For those who appreciate being outside, there are ski slopes in British Columbia, moose hunting in Banff, and a (better) view of Niagara Falls near the U.S.-Canadian border.

Although there aren’t many big cities in Canada, every one of them, from French-Canadian Montreal to cosmopolitan Toronto, offers a fascinating and unique cultural hub. You can learn about a diversified culture that incorporates characteristics from other nations because Canadians are regarded for being among the most welcoming and courteous people on the planet.

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Top Destinations in CANADA

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